Dirty Harry


Intro:any new guy

Short- Not a professional

Modified needed

You assume all the risk

It assist is needed

If you accept these risk strategies Aye

Let’s mossy

Warmarama- 10 minutes


Jumping jacks-lpb

Monkey humpers-12


Alabama ass kicker-10

Side lunges-10

Ww2 sit-ups-10

Prom dates-10


Wheel barrel

Broad jump burpees

Broken wheel barrel

Bear crawl

Part two theater

Motivator up to 10


Wall sits

Balls to the wall

Australia ass kicker

Wall sits

Mule kicks

Mike Tyson workout

Third pavilion


Dead hang-step up 20-25 cadence

Dead hang with knees up- burpees 15-20

Pull ups- squats deep 20 hit the bench

Shovel flag- optional- block party

Cattle bell swing- 10

Block twist- cadence 10

Block suicide

Block lunges

Block overheads both hand

Abe’s workout 4 minutes Abe

Count off

Hospital name age and F3 name



We had a good workout today.  We pray for Ranger because he was hurt during the workout. we had eleven guy.

Number of FNGs: O

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