Apollo 11 Blast Off

2 HIM for the 3.2 PreRuck around Phoenixville (Tuck and Hops)

Conditions: 80F, SUPER Humid, Thick Air


Warm Up:
-Grass Grabbers x20 IC
-IW’s x15 IC
-Peter Parkers x15 IC
-Parker Peters x15 IC

-Reminded the PAX about the 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing today, so we will be taking a field trip to the Hospital Parking Deck to do some “Ascents” and “Armstrong” workouts…
-Mosey 0.5 miles to the Phoenixville Hospital Parking Deck
-PAX did “Catch me if you can” consisting of Partner 1 doing 5 burpees while Parter 2 does Bernie Sanders the entire length of the decks. Partner 1 catches Partner 2 and switch.
-Captain Thors: BB Situps and AH’s in a 1:4 ratio up to a total of 10:40…lots of mumble chatter here…
-PAX partnered up again for the following:
-10 Squats IC, run to the top of the parking deck
-10 hand slap merkins, run down the stairwell (sauna)
-20 situps while Partner 2 planks on the other’s feet
-Run to the top of the deck
-20 derkins while Partner 2 holds the other’s feet
-Run down the stairwell
-Mosey 0.5 mile back to the AO

-Crunchy Frogs x15 IC
-Sweat Angels x20 IC
-Protractor IC
-100’s x15 IC
-Box Cutters x15 IC

-Hops read Psalm 8, which is the same verse that Buzz Aldrin read as the Apollo 11 crew were descending back to Earth. Reminded the PAX about being good stewards of the creation, and also about Living Third – the consistent and deliberate placement of oneself third, behind Creator and Community.
-Prayers for Bam!Bam!’s mother in law and wife with the recent passing of his father in law
-Prayers for Gringo’s family as they are expecting their first child in Feb
-New FNG’s – Welcome Gringo and Tinker!!

Number of FNGs: 2

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