A Dora With Extra Credit

I can tell the days are starting to get a little shorter as we head towards fall. This was my first F3 workout since moving to PA where there was actually still gloom at the start of the beatdown!  It didn’t stay gloomy for long though as we had 8 HIM ready to get to work!


15 x Mountain Climbers

20 x Weed Pickers

20 x SSH

Over to the stage for some Balls to the Wall while everyone was still “fresh”. Last time I had the Q, I did this at the very end of the beatdown which was just wrong. Props to Winklevoss as the last man standing this time!


Partner Up by the playground for a little Dora 1-2-3 with extra credit! While one partner was completing the exercises, the other was running to the end of the park and back. Combined count for the pair:

Burpees x 50

Pull ups  x 75

Merkins x 100 (was planning on Swerkins but only have two regular swings at Reeves Park – BUMMER!)

V-ups x 200

Forward Lunges x 300

The last group finished right on time, leaving no time for Mary 🙁


Welcome FNG Gracie (Favorite Hobby is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) who had no problem keeping up with the group!

Continued prayers for Camex.

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Number of FNGs: 1

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