Dawn’s Early Light

It was 66 degrees at 5:30, dark, cool, dry, no wind. Disclaimer dispatched. Fine conditions for Friday morning F3. We did eventually see the sun during some post-workout mumblechatter at 6:30. Fall is close. I welcome and enjoy the change of seasons, especially at that early hour with good brothers.

Warm Up
(OYO) Neck stretches, Casey Kasums, Trunk Roll, Toe Touch, (IC) SSH, Grass Pickers,
Abe Vigodas, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Shoulder Taps, Head Touches, Side Lunges, Forward Lunges, Toy Soldiers,

Mosey: Pizza Run around the church (½ plain, ½ pain)

Animal Kingdom front lawn. Starting at the sidewalk:
Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear up to the parking lot and back
Final return to the parking lot:
Alligator Merkins/20
Inch Worms/20
Monkey Humper Walk to finish

Block Brigade
PAX in a 50ft circle
1st block continually shuttled from man to man
back to the beginning, 8 blocks shuttled

Wall Work
People’s Chair

Box Cutters, Crabcakes, American Hammers,
Dealer’s Choice:
Freddie Mercuries, WWI’s, LBC’s, Merkins
Drop Box’s Mayweather Side Planks
Dr. Seuss’s leg plank/crunch/lift thing


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