You’ve Been Thunderstruck

8/10 Blast Furnace Back Blast


1 PAX for a shortened pre beatdown ruck.


15 (!!!) PAX, including 1 FNG for a musical beatdown led by Tuck.

Conditions– A beautiful 61 degrees, with low humidity, one of the best mornings of the summer

Quick disclaimer followed by a short mosey around the park to the baseball field to warm up.


Abe Vigodas x15

Grass Pickers x15

Imperial Walkers x15

Arm Circles x8/ Circle Arms x8

High Knees x20


Mosey .5 miles down to the parking lot behind the bank on Bridge Street for the Thang


The Thang

A musical workout with each song corresponding to an exercise. The soundtrack (which was provided to all the night before) is as follows

Bearway to Heaven – Bear Crawl Suicides, marked off every 5 parking spaces

CARRY on my Wayward Son – Partner Carry suicides

Truckin – Original plan was to do partnered wheelbarrow/shoulder shrug suicides. Due to unforeseen circumstances of the condition of the parking lot and the complaints of how soft some PAX’s hands were, modification was made to switch to group lunge walk, but kept the partnered shoulder shrugs at each end

Don’t Stop Me Now – Air Squats

Ring of Fire – group holds a low plank in a circle, while one PAX runs down to the end of the lot and back

Tubthumping – SSH, every time ‘I get knocked down’ is a burpee

Thunderstuck – Hold a high plank, every time ‘Thunder’ is said, do a merkin

Mosey back to the (missing) flag



American Hammers x25

American Hammers x25 (with a flawless counting transition from Tuck to Spike)


Words of Wisdom

Tuck brought the words of Jim Harbaugh to go and attack everything with ‘a level of enthusiasm unknown to mankind’






Welcome FNG Soft Top!


Number of FNGs: 1

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