Where is Peter?

QIC rolled up at 5:29 am.  Thank God the police showed up at 5:20 am to let Flame know the park is safe for a beat down.  Ultimately five men gathered in the gloom of Macungie Park, PA on this glorious 52 degree morning.  Two FNG’s posted.  A Google Hang-out video call with Dark Helmet with his PAX in SC-Fort Mill.  Welcome and disclaimer read.


jog warm up 3x; two slow one 5k pace.

Circle of Pain:

Mosey to picnic tables for one leg lunges on benches, 10 each side, 2 reps

jumping lunges,  10 each side, 2 reps

pushu-ps wide, incline, decline, diamond 20 reps each

Picnic Table abs: windshield wipers – abs 20, ab twists – 20, leg raises – 20 back

Concrete Abs:  one hand supermans, 10 each side, supermans 20

Mosey to the light post and get ready for the Thang!  Where is 6?  Where is Peter?  Not sure, but there was a shadow of man in the gloom 100 yards away.  He was bent over with hands on knees position.  QIC went back, PAX holding plank.  No confirmation of splahing merlot.  Full story on this FNG when he returns.

The Thang

3 sets shuttle runs with 10 burpees with 200 meter cool down between sets, LBC as you wait for 6.

Mary  No more abs please.  Why do you hate me?

Countarma:  End with a Google hang-out with 4 for reporting from F3lehighvalley and 4 from SC Pax.

Namearama:  Today we welcomed “DROPBOX” the forklift driver to the group.

Announcements:  Next work-out Saturday @ 7am.  Quarry Park.  Get hooked up with us on twitter.

Ball of Man:  QIC prayed us out.