Tuesday at the swamp.

Warm up.

Mosey around the Circle then Bear crawled a quarter, crab walked to the half, Crawl-Beared to 3quarter and high knees to the end.

SS HOPS, ABE VAGOTAS, Moracan Sun gods, Grass Pickers, Murkins and Imperial Walkers in Cadence.

” The Thang “

Dealers choice ( each pax took turns running around the Circle while the others did the exercise called out by the runner. 9 different exercises performed!

Moseyed to the monkey bars for PPS ( push-ups, pull-ups and squats). Broke up into groups of 3. One pax did 50 push-ups while the another team mate did pull ups and the other did squats . Once the 50 push-ups were done we switched until all three pax in groups did 50 push-ups. Did two sets.

the last 6 minutes was finished at the shovel flag doing dealers choice of Mary.

Finished with Countarama, NameOrama and Circle of trust.

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