The Gloom Creeps Back

Downsize,our Q and myself, Long Haul enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at Faith’s beautiful campus offering worship and peace at the cross roads of commerce.                                Warmarama:Reach for the stars, trunk rolls, Abe vigodas,side lunges,front lunges, merkins, Peter Parker’s, mountain climbers.                The Thang:a slow mosey around Faith’s pristine grounds and then 4 corners of pain around the parking lot involving ww ones,X and O’s,Freddie Mercuries,etc  The theme was core.We wound up with a wall sit and then dealers choice Mary.I especially enjoyed our fellow ship as we jogged each others memories about action movies.Pax numbers down, vacation etc.But excellent time spent with my brother.Circle of trust,prayers for our brothers,Xmans baby girl,thanks to God for our blessings.


Number of FNGs: Zero

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