The Bees Knees

Sometimes life has different plans for you. Differing from what you thought was your plan. There are always little wrenches thrown into you daily machine like the red light that takes too long, the conversation with a co-worker who “just doesn’t understand”, the kids that are in a bad mood, the wife (I’ll just leave it at that), etc. Some days it seems to go on and on. This week I turn 44 years old. My plan would be for a big backyard cookout with plenty of beer and brats. Instead we have F3, men’s breakfast, lunch with my in laws (who I love), my son’s 2 lacrosse games, attending a hockey game, all on Saturday. On Sunday we have church, 2 more lacrosse games, my car needs inspected, plenty of college course work, the F3 news letter, and now this. My hot water heater went kaput Friday night. Being the hands on guy that I am I want to DIY and save on installation. urrrggghhhhh, I mean UUUUUURRRRRRGGHHHHHH! Right? Not exactly.
What a joy it is to have those things and people in my life. I am grateful for a house where I can have a hot water heater, a car that can pass inspection, the opportunity to coach my son’s lacrosse teams, in laws that I love and that loves me, a wife that is completely understanding of my crazyness, kids that are very patient with daddy, I am employed, I can go to college and will graduate soon, and I get to live another day with some amazing friends in my life. So how do I react to this “problem?” I “Q” it, that is how.

A Q is someone that take responsibility for the outcome of a situation. All of this will be taken care of and all will be back to “normal” soon. But I am not going to lay down and let life kick me. i am going to fight through this and get ‘er done, because that is what “That Somebody” does. So what are the things in your life that keep on kicking you? Think about them and take charge. You are the Q and you know what to do, Q it!


  • Ssh x20
  • Monkey Humpers x20
  • Arm circles forward x20
  • Arm circles backwards x20
  • ATMs (alternate shoulder taps, Tempo Merkins, Merkins) x20

Mosey to the field
The Thang:     BLACKJACK
Start on the side of a field.
Perform 20 Merkins
run to other sideline
perform 1 air squat
Repeat until you do 1 Merkins and 20 air Squats, running between the sides.
Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!

Bruce Lee
(each exercise x20 3 sets 30sec in between)
1. Hammer – IC
2. Leg raises – OYO
3. LBC’s – OYO
4. Back scratchers – IC (Heel Touches)
5. Crunchy Frog IC – OYO
6. 100’s. – OYO
Announcements: Faith a church Men’s Breakfast
Prayers: All unsaid prayers

Praise: WELCOME BACK KOTTER,  errrrr Cooter. Good to see you again brother.