Friday Fog in Fleetwood

Okay, there was not much in the way of fog but there was some unexpected rain in the forecast. More importantly, there were six PAX + an FNG hungry for some butt kicking when the Q skidded into the parking lot with a newly minted shovel flag. It was the second workout at the Fleetwood AO and it appears that the PAX has a solid foundation.

Disclosure & Warm-o-rama:

Extra attention was given to the disclosures as the resident attorney, Tree Hugger, listened intently. All bases were covered to his satisfaction and the warm up ensued with a friendly mosey over the bridge to the pavilion followed by arm circles, side straddle hops, Louisiana squats, high knees and butt kickers.

The Thang:

The boys hopped on the jogging path for some drawn out pain under the rain. They did 10 burpees, a crab walk down the path, 1 crab cake and jog back intervals in descending and ascending orders, respectively for the burpees and crab cakes.

The PAX headed over to the parking lot to pick partners and pound out 100 merkins each while the other sprinted up and back.

Upon joyful completion of the above, the partners team up on wheelbarrows down to the pull bars where each maxed out on pullups and squats.

Announcements, Count-o-rama & Name-o-rama: 6 (less Flame) who conveniently had to cut it short and run home to get his work boots. Apparently he grabbed the fuzzy bunny slippers instead of the steel-toed boots. Whether it was the rain or the Friday malaise the PAX struggled in naming the FNG until finally settling on “Demo”, short for demolition as he is a contractor and protective father of two girls.