PRE-BLAST: Spring Training – Take the F3 Test

You may be asking, “Does F3 really improve a man’s fitness level?”
Am I getting stronger, faster, or have measurably better cardio?
Now is the time to find out!

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Whether you are new or old member of F3, this Saturday, March 18, 2017 workout is for you. 

So you can mentally prepare here is preview of the test.  You will be partnered up with someone who you think can hang with you, harass you enough to push you harder, move faster, and encourage you to your maximum effort for FIVE rounds of 2 minute exercises, finished off with a 15 minute run for as much distance as possible.

  1.  Push -Ups
  2.  Air Squats
  3.  Pull Ups (or Hangs)
  4.  Sit-ups
  5.  Bur-pees
Like all F3 workouts you modify as needed, but you give your maximum effort.  There is no trophy at the end, this is a competition with you.  While that said, I’ve seen some push ups and pull-ups that have made me weep inside.  Your partner is responsible for keeping your “clean” count.
This is a great workout for a FNG (Friendly New Guy), there is plenty of room at the Bee Hive.
If you attended the WINTER TEST: January 17, 2017 you can see your results here.
The run/walk results from January 21st can be found on this post.
Sensei – Workout Q
Uptown Girl – Bee Hive Site Q
Start Time:  6:30am
Show-up and Stretch: 6:15am
Location:  Emmaus Community Park