Conditions: Upper 60’s, Mostly sunny, very humid

We had a great turnout with 8 PAX.  The Grill is heating up.  We had our first weekday workout this past Tuesday and finally got the PAX plugged in to a GroupMe channel.  I think the mumblechatter on the GroupMe feed influenced the turnout.

The disclaimer was given.  This workout is going to a bit experimental so don’t necessarily do everything I suggest — I’m not a professional!

Started off with a mosey toward the basketball court — Carioca, Side Shuffle, Butt Kickers, touch ground left/right, High Knees.  Circle up in the basketball court for warm-a-rama:  Abe Vigoda with a refresher on cadence counting (the guys still need work on keeping count with the reps especially when we get to the third rep), Grass Pickers, Arm Circles “sobriety style”,  Side Squats, Zig Zag Hops, Merkins to left and to right around circle, Scorpion Dry Dock

The Thang:

Romp around the park — start off crossing the field with Bear Crawl, Sprint, Army Crawl, Sprint, Crab Walk, Mosey, Run up the embankment and back down, Bunny Hops up the stairs, mosey to a pavilion, Raccoon Crawl along picnic table seats, and finally mosey to the playground.

YHC tried to demonstrate a muscle up on the pull up bar (get above the bar so the bar is at waist level) but failed.  Of course everyone had to give it a try with no successes…except for Pork Chop.  Our oldest PAX member showed us how it was done.  A farm boy knows how to move.

  • Leg Tucks X 10
  • Underdogs x10
  • Pull Up Squats X 10
  • Dips X 10

Mosey to Shovel Flag

YHC introduced a new feature — balancing.  We retrieved several 2X4s from my truck as well as a 50 pound bucket of rocks.

2X4: Walk forward and backward and change directions; Split Squats X10 (switch directions after each one); Walk forward and backward carrying bucket of rocks; Regular Squats. If touch the ground all PAX do 5 penalty Burpees; Waiting PAX hold plank.

We had 3 miss-steps off the 2X4 (including one from YHC) so we all did 15 Burpees.

PAX in turn choose and exercise for the rest to do while he carries bucket of rocks ~ 50 yards out and back — LBCs, American Hammers, Bonnie Blairs, Merkins, Squats, Sprint out and back ~ 70 yards, Catalina Wine Mixers, Peter Parkers.

Mary: Dealer’s Choice — WWIs, Plank for 10 count each, Side Plank for 5 count each both sides, Superman, Leg raises, Windshield Wipers, and some others I can’t remember.

COT: LV Manniversary Labor Day, Summer Bash at Flame’s; Continued prayers for Ditto’s M for quick recovery.  Praise and prayers for Wichita’s M with a good report and continued health.

Pocahontas will have his VQ Tuesday morning!  Looking forward to it!

All made their way to Four Twelve for our “4th F”.  Good times! Aye!

Beaker out.

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