Boyant Hill’s Revenge

8/3 Backblast Reeves Park, Phoenixville

3 Hims for preruck (Tuck, Hops, Voss)

13 Pax showed up for the beat down on Boyant Hill. One new FNG -welcome “IC”.

Conditions 70 degrees and humid – perfect for sweating.

Mosey to American Legion parking lot for warm up.

  • Arm circles (15)       Can some please teach Dial-up how to count?
  • Side Straddle Hops (50)
  • Toy Soldiers (10)
  • Peter Parkers (10)
  • Markins (10)
  • Bear crawl across parking lot; crab crawl back
  • Foot to butt stretch across parking lot; high knees back

The Thang – Boyant Hill

(For the record Boyant ran 8 miles to Reeves Park before the start this workout which is why he gets his own “Hill” named after him)

  • (3) Cones spaced out on Boyant Hill (elevation approx. 100 feet)
  • Jog up hill to first cone; sprint to next; jog to third; sprint to Fire Station then jog to church parking lot
    • Side Straddle Hops (50)
    • LBCs (25)
    • Merkins (25)
  • Rinse and repeat (3) times up the hill

“Recover run” to Reeves Park (home base)

  • Butt touchs (10) (feet flat against wall – walk out do merkin then touch wall again with butt)
  • Bench dips (20)
  • Butt touches (10)
  • Bench dips (30)

6 Mom

  • Flutter kicks( 20)
  • Box cutters (20)
  • Superman (20)

Number and number -o-roma

Welcome new FNG – “IC”


Prayer concerns for Chem-x and family

Prayer concerns for Chem-X




Number of FNGs: 1

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