Math Counts…and the number 11

We had 7 and welcomed Roughrider, back from the Land of Mickey, and Striker.  Circled up on time

and gave the Disclosure, then on to Warmuparama:  Seal Jacks x15 IC, Goofballs x15 IC, Abe Bagodas x10, mountain climbers x 10 IC…moseyed down to basket ball court for

Thang 1:  Partner Derkins

Partnered up with P1 starting in plank position and P2 positioning feet on top of P1 and knocking out

10 Derkins.  Flap jack and repeat x 2

Thang 2: Burpee Quarter Mile

started off with 15 burpees OYO, moseyed around outside track past back of Pavilion, stopped at corner near Fiore’s for 10 burpees,  moseyed back and cut down outfield along tree long and ended with 10 more burpees.  Took a moment for recovery before..

Thang 3:  Elevens along the tree line

Lined up in line with edge of bathrooms, 2 exercise combo (reps always equal 11)

Start with 10 count body builder x 10/ jump squat x1  sprint to tree  10 count BB x9/ jump squat x2

sprint back to start and repeato until count flops to 1 BB and 10 jump squats…..called for time with one round left to go…moseyed to shovel flag for

ABLAB:  Homer Marge, Freddie Mercs


Announcments: offered clown car from my house to Beehive for Sat. Workout, F2 event picnic hosted by Checkmate June 10..more info to follow


Bogey Out