March Bee Hive Q Schedule Set

The Bee Hive is the “pending” name for the permanent AO (Area Operation) at Emmaus Community Park.  The following men have step up an Lead as your Workout Q’s on Saturday’s in March.

  1. March 3rd – QIC – Bogey (Maltz Challenge)This yearly tribute workout to Air Force MSgt. Michael Maltz. but read here to see what the challenge entails.
  2. March 11th – QIC – Neon
  3. March 18th – QIC – Sensei
  4. March 25th – QIC – Cooter
  5. April 1st – QIC – Flame

Thank you. F3 is rotational lead by volunteers not by professionals.  If you want to lead a workout, let one of the Site Q’s know.   If you don’t volunteer, you will be asked.

Contact your SITE Q’s to be a workout Q or VQ (Virgin Q)


Uptown Girl

Here are the current SITE Q’s
Bee Hive – Uptown Girl –
Trojan – Flame –
The Swamp – Neon –