iAy, que frio!

It was Neon’s turn to Q. He returned refreshed from a weekend jaunt to Niagara Falls, Canada. Nice, eh? He posted tardy at 6:31 to find a shivering PAX eager to get blood flowing. The only thing moving at that time was the handcrafted F3 flag, made by Flame who interestingly enough is Betsy Ross’s neighbor’s cousin’s adopted great-great-grandson’s acquaintance (yeah we have celebrities in our group), which gently waved in the breeze. Temps were 37 and falling. The night before the National Weather Center put out a frost alert, but that didn’t stop a record 7 PAX from posting. Let the record reflect that F3LV is undisputedly the toughest F3 group for a 100-mile radius (they are the only group for 100 miles).

Postees: Hurricane, Cooter, Flame, Uptown Girl, Colombia, Drop Box, Neon


Jog, arm swings, leg swings side and front, side shuffle around statue, butt kicks & mt climbers


Partner up; Farmer Frenzy: wheelbarrows across field, wheelbarrower holds planks and other guy does 20 dips with feet on planker’s back. Switch partners and back again. X 2
Partner up, again! 200 team merkins; one gets his merkin on and the other runs backwards up hill and sprints down to take place of merkin partner to keep going. Partner runs backwards up hill, sprints down, etc.
100 squats / 100 mountain climbers. Same as previous exercise except the team does 100 square and 100 mountain climbers as other partner runs.
Mosey to flag / steps for 3 sets of abs; lifts, LBCs and American Hammers.


Count-O-Rama – each member counted off with exception to Drop Box who apparently drops more than just boxes, he snuck off to drop a deuce (we’ll need to find out where to avoid that area next week as bathrooms may have been locked).

Announcements: Saturday 7:00 workout, AO TBD, various pray requests. Praise! We had 7 solid attendees and great camaraderie — its time to keep up the momentum and bring in more FNGs!

Neon and Uptown Girl were a little dizzy afterwards, maybe the cold or maybe the punishing workout???

BOM at 6:15

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  1. 2 hours later I can finally feel my right fingers. Not sure why the left wasn’t so bad. Maybe that explains the dizziness after the workout. Everyone receives a punch on their Man Card today. Great work!

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