HILLbillie in the Valley

Four PAX made it out to the Gloom for a hilly beat down while Neon was Down Range and probably still in the Fartsack pretending to be a Canuck north of the border. The workout was held at a new AO at the Fields of Lehigh County. That morning there was a soccer tournament scheduled that filled all seven fields for the whole day. Luckily we had an hour before the competition started to get our workout in.

UA: Hurricane, Drop Box, Geter, 2×4

During the workout Uptown Girl insisted on inviting innocent bystanders to join our madness. I heard one guy just chuckle. You never know if one guy might say yes or let me know more.

After a brief disclaimer and unprofessional introduction the workout began with a jog to the other end of the park for the WARM-O-RAMA …


Arm Circles 20 IC

Stinky feet 20 IC (Toe Touches)

Frank and Beans 20 IC (Frankenstein leg raise with a reverse lunge to loosen the hips)

Uphill fast mosey for

Indian Run lap around the soccer field

Clock Merkins – 5 IC at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock – Rinse and Repeat

Burp Back Mountain – Partner up – 2 uphills/burpees – Flapjack – Rinse and Repeat

Rockette Dips 10 per leg/partner merkins – Flapjack

Ring of Fire 10 Exercises / 1 minute each

1. Burpees      2. LBCs     3. Box Jump   4. Flutter Kicks    5. Jump Rope

6. Jack Webbs     7. American Hammer      8. Squats    9. Plank      10. Lunges.

Jacob’s Ladder – Run uphill – burpee at each end – ladder 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Run around two soccer fields the to Shovel Flag for 5 minutes of Mary.


Count-O-Rama – 4

Name-O-Rama – Uptown Girl, Colombia, Cooter, Flame

Announcements – Next workout Tuesday 5:30 am Macungie Park AO

BOM followed by a trip to Dunkin for Coffeteria