Cougar 500 beatdown

A sliver of a waning Moon at the Swamp set the tone for the steamy morning beatdown!  The theme was 500 reps total divided by 4 sets each of Squats, Merkins, Abs, Side Straddle hops & Imperial Walkers.  I knew the bar was set high but we where ready for the challenge!

The warm-a-ram consisted of Arm Circles, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Monkey Humpers, and Goofballz.

We then went into our first set exercises dealer choice style with great input for all PAX members.  After completing the first 120 reps we did took a nice mosey Indian run style down Lehigh St. to the entrance of the park where the telephones poles are.

At this point we completed our 2nd set of 120 reps including bonnie blairs, and a quick set of a 6 count of motivates. After that we then when from pole to pole doing bear crawls, crab walks, butt kickers and high knees. We then went for a 2nd Indian run around the circle of the park over to the stage.

We needed take a little break and get the blood flowing back into our brain with a ten count each with some ballz to the wall.  Once all the sweat rolled down our faces and onto the stage we then went into our 3rd set of exercise. At this point all we had enough time for was some more merkins and the new infamous 30 stage jump ups. If you haven’t tried these yet you have know idea what you are missing!

Although we fell a little short of our goal of 500 it definitely pushed these 6 admiral men to their limits.  Maybe it could be accomplish one Saturday at the Bee Hive 60 min workout!

From there we finished up with a round of Mary, announcements of the labor day Convergence at Fish Hatchery, Praises of my 2.0 Grayson 9th birthday and Prayers for less bloodshed/violence in our nation and especially in our backyard of Allentown.

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