Bearmuda Triangle in front of Borough Hall


Conditions: 63F, Clear

-Mosey ~0.75 miles from the AO to the Pottstown Borough Hall
-Bearmuda Triangle:
-Round 1: Bear crawl around the Borough Hall park, at each bench do increasing burpees IC
-Round 2: Lunge Walk, increasing dips x10 IC
-Round 3: Lunge Walk, increasing squats x10 IC
-Round 4: Bernie Sanders, increasing merkins x10 IC
-Mosey back to the AO to round out 2 miles

-2 Rounds of Bruce Lee:
-20 LBC’s IC
-20 Leg Raises IC
-20 AH’s IC
-20, 100’s IC
-Rinse and Repeat

-Prayers for Hershey’s church’s VBS this week and delivering a clear gospel message at the closing event tomorrow
-Prayers for Feeney’s vacation
-Prayers for us men to be examples to our 2.0’s even in the face of difficulties

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