Pre-Blast: How to EH.

Emotionally Headlocking. What does that even mean? We all know what we are trying to do and what the desired outcome is, but do we know the ‘how’ part of EHing? With this post I intend to get to the bottom of this mysterious, but necessary F3 activity.

The point int is that not everyone is a slick advertising maven such as Dark Helmet or Neon. And not everyone is a promotional phenomenon such as Uptown Girl. So how do us ‘normal’ men headlock?

In the comments of this post please leave some advice and pointers about headlocking. What tips do you have and what strategies have worked for you? What do you do when you encounter a Sas Clown? What about a particularly stubborn Sad Clown?

After a few weeks I will compose a Back Blast about headlocking, not only for the PAX but for myself.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Blast: How to EH.

  1. Thank you for your post Grapevine. I will add these to some other suggestions I have received. Awesome stuff here.


  2. Lehigh PA – really ?? So awesome, I have been there many times.

    EH’ing is hard. There are lots of ways to do it. Some guys are natural evangelists and salesmen and can just talk about it and get guys to show up.

    I talk about the benefits that I never thought about when I started:
    – I met a couple of hundred people I never would have known otherwise
    – I strengthened a bunch of friendships I already had
    – I got in better shape
    – I get a chance to participate in a bunch of activities like service projects and CSAUP events
    – HDHH
    – it is fun as hell
    – I pray more.

    What the hell else does a man need…..

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