(Not so) Spring Training

Eleven dominated the alarm clock and fart sack to post to the fields at Lehigh. Their reward was an amazing sunrise, camaraderie, and at least 700 calories burnt for all. Fortunately, the weather was ideal for butt-kicking. At that hour, the PAX had the run of the place which included five baseball fields.


  • Jog
  • Arm circles forward and reverse
  • Jumping lunges (controlled)
  • hopping ankles
  • plank jacks
Mosey on down to high school ball field
  • jump over bench side to side
  • 30 merkins
  • jump bench straight on
  • 30 wide grip merkins
  • 30 deep squats
  • 30 close grip merkins
Mosey on over to collegiate ball field
  • Partner up for three rounds
  • run bases + 60 burpees
  • bear crawl to second, crab walk home rounded all bases + 200 sit-ups
  • jogging the bases backwards + 100 dry docks
Mosey up hill to little steep hill other side of park
  • crab cakes 20 at foot of little hit
  • sprint to top of hill
  • imperial walkers 20
  • jog down hill to soccer field
  • goal line sprint across the field
Circle Up for Ab Circle
  • Going around the circle, each of the PAX picks an ab exercise and leads it to a 10 count


Next Tuesday 5:30 am workout Macungie Memorial, next Saturday 7am work at Salem Bible Fellowship followed by “No Regrets Mens Conference”. Various prayer requests for local churches, pastors, and family.


11 PAX in attendance including FNG Pacman



4 posted for a lively discussion at The Trivet