12 Is a Nifty Number

F3 Boot Camp Workout – Thursday July 11, 2019
Blast Furnace, Reeves Park, Phoenixville, PA

Conditions :  72 and humid, partly sunny
Q : Spike
Beatdown  : 4 PAX posted

Disclaimer was given.

First, let me say that YHC borrowed this workout from a few backblasts posted in Memphis and Dallas.  People DO read your Back-blasts, so make them meaningful so other PAX can benefit from them!

Second, YHC had this amazing list of “how 12 is a really nifty number,” but it didn’t really seem all that important, so we just did the workout instead!

Warmup :  

  1. 10x arm circles – IC
  2. 10x circle arms – IC
  3. 15x Abe Vigodas  – IC
  4. 20x Imperial Walkers  – IC
  5. 15x Daisy Pickers – IC
  6. 15x Sprinklers – IC
  7. Morroccan Night Clubs x20 IC

Bataan Death March around Reeves Park, 3 burpees at the back of the line.(about 0.3 mile) to the baseball diamond.

The Thang : 

YHC had planned 12 rounds of exercises, but we only made it to 10.   YHC reviewed some of the nifty ways that 12 is used in our world, and also in the Bible, but due to the early morning hour, most of the faces remained glum, until YHC described the planned exercises!

Between each round, one mosey lap, running up the hill to the sidewalk and back again.

  • (10) Nike Merkins
  • (20) Good Morning Abby (aka : Prisoner Get-Ups)
    (from on your 6 to standing without using hands)
  • (30) Squat Jacks
  • (40) V Ups
  • (50) Merkins
  • (60) Air Squats
  • (70) Mountain Climbers (x2)
  • (80) Lunges (x1)
  • (90) Overhead Air Presses
  • (100) Plank Jacks

This was the first time we tried the “Good Morning Abby” exercise, and one of the PAX stated “I hate it already” before we even started!

6MOM  : (due to time constraints was only 2 minutes, and we did a bunch of ab work during the Thang anyway) :

  1. Flutter Kicks x20 IC
  2. J-Lo’s x15 IC (each leg) – another new exercise for us!

Count-o-rama : 4
Name FNGs  :0 

Announcements : 

  • Continue to pray for our F3 brother ChemX, recovering from lung surgery

Words of Wisdom : 

  • Psalm 139:14 says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God made us each different, like our fingerprints, and we can use those differences to influence those around us in a positive way.  Wether that is sharing our faith, our hobbies, or dragging someone out to F3 – our sphere of influence is like no one else’s!

Circle of Trust / Ball of Man
PAX : Spike, Tuck, Winklevoss, Hops
Closing Prayer