Walk On

How hard do you think it would be if you were to “Walk On” to a Division I or professional sports program?  Am I good enough?  What will the other guys say?  Will I have my best performance? Can I even make the team?

Today at 5:30 am in a small town in Fleetwood, PA  six men decided to “Walk On” to the F3 field at the community park; which is now known as “The Pond”.  Well done gentlemen!

Disclosure: Welcome to F3.  Always FREE, Always Open to All Men, Always Outdoor, Always rotation-ally led by a guy in  the workouts (aka Q), and Always end with a Circle of Trust.  If the workout doesn’t have these components, it’s NOT F3.  Your Q is not a professional, anything he instructs you do is only a suggestion, modify to your ability level.  F3 doesn’t own anything and therefore has no rights, claims, or permissions from the Park therefore assumes no liability.  Your responsibility to be careful in dark, watch where you step, give your near maximum effort and encourage the guy to your left and right.  The philosophy we live by is no man left behind.  We won’t leave you behind; but we won’t leave you where we found you either.  The last guy to finish the workout set is known as the 6.  We wait for this man before moving the next set.  You will notice lots of F3 lingo and jargon, if you don’t understand just ask.

Special Notes:  Workouts also always start on time and end on time except for today.  Pool Parking Lot next to the Pond is where the Shovel Flag will be planted and all future works start and stop.  Also tell your buddies to bring an extra set of gloves, you never know what you will be pushing on or through.

Warmarama – Mosey through park to the other parking lot.  Picked up half dozen brothers and ran back to the pool parking lot.  Circle up for some in cadence calisthenics.   Side Straddle Hop, Goof Balls, Abe Vagoda, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Dolly, Flutter, Big Boys

The Thang

Part 1 – Thunder from Down Under

YHC handed the Q – baton to Fort Mills, SC very own Bolt.  Bolt provided us with a special treat of cardio, speed and strength routine.  Everyone lines up on the one end of the parking lot.  On Go, sprint full speed to other end of parking lot (50 yards), drop and do 10 merkins, jog back.  When you get back do 10 air squats.  Next set repeat with 9 merkins, and 9 air squats.  Go to 1 merkin or until someone pukes.  Bolt audible at 5 and couple sets of planks in a variety of poses.  Sides, legs, up, and my favorite was the finger tip planks.

Part 2 – Bear  Falling of a Ladder

YHC took the baton and mosey to the water shed in the middle of the field.  Wall squat 60 seconds, first 6 pax count out 10 seconds.  Bear crawl 20 yards, 10 merkins, crab walk 20 yards back to wall, BTW 60 seconds, 6 pax count 10 secs.

On the crab walk we happened to notice that a bear in fact had fallen of the laddder.  So I jumped up to see if this Bear could be rescued.  It is the Q’s responsibility to make sure the workout mission is completed; which includes ending with at least as many guys as you started with.  The Q was able to bring back a brother who has temporarily been discouraged.  Bolt jumped with a series of exercises on the fly as we returned to the PAX.

Resume next of Bear Falling of a Ladder included 60 sec. wall squats with pax counting and overhead claps.  Bear crawl 20 years, 9 merkins, backwards crab walk, and BTW 60 seconds.

Mary  –  Bolt took us out with about a 4 minute Ab routine where his feet never hit the ground.  6″, Protractor, LBC’s, Side Crunches, Flutters, and maybe more.

CoRama – 11

NoRama – 6 FNG’s.  Check out this video to meet Vector, Charge, Rough Rider, Tool Box, Corruption and Tree Hugger.  https://youtu.be/9x3XyzcDcVI

Announcements – Every Friday 5:30am there will be a workout.  Immediately following workout join us over at St. Paul’s for men’s breakfast.  Also check out f3nation.com/lehighvalley for other workout options 3 other days per week.

COT – Giving thanks for the abundance of men the Lord provided today.  All these men have a desire to not go it alone in fitness, fellowship, and faith.  Everyone makes the F3 team.  The only thing you have to do is finish, keep coming back, and bring another brother with you.