Valentine’s Day Prep

It was what one would expect in February in Allentown. Sub 30-degree temps and a few inches of snow on the ground. The PAX huddled up at Trexler Park in anticipation of a loving butt kicking on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. The task for the day was to get the PAX ripped and sexy in time for the 14th. The morning’s Q, Neon, only had 60 minutes to work with, and this was what was issued:


Jogging up and around the parking lot steps

Sun gods

Arm circles

Side straddle hops

Side shuffle mosey
The Thang

Imperial squats

Mountain climbers




Crab cakes


Mosey / sprint

15 Burpees

Mosey / sprint

14 Burpess

Mosey up hill

Merkin declines

Merkin inclines


Dry docks

Ab circle of pain

Mosey / sprint



Praise for Flame, request for Cooter, travel for Colombia, next workout Macungie 5:30 AM, next Saturday Men’s breakfast at Bethany Church


Circle of Trust

Coffeteria at Wegmans