Tighten Up

Started with disclaimer, definitely not a fitness professional.As the old,slow guy wanted to stress importance of core strength for the long haul.Played Archie Bell and the Drells, Tighten up to wake us up,a favorite of high dances 50 years ago.                                                              Warmarama:Kasey Kasums,neck rolls, shoulder stretches,over head claps,trunk rolls, merkins,Peter Parker’s, squats.                                        The Thang: Moseyed around outside loop of Lone Lane, stopping at corners doing core and more exercises.Planks, marching planks, squats,bridges,one leg bridges, merkins,side planks,side plank dips,Abe vigodas,bird dogs, elbow tap bird dogs, burpees,side line hip abductors,side lunges.Threw in a short Indian run,then a slow cool down run thru the woods.Wound up with a round of dealers choice Mary,timing was good and we ended with cot, prayed for Ditto,his wife Terri, healing, announcements,gave thx for you guys,our leaders,health andf3.Forgot namarama due to o2 deprevation to my brain.Thx guys for your fellowship,support, hanging with an old guy.It was a privilege.

Number of FNGs: Zero

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