Spartan Warrior Workout

Disclosure – 1 min

Warm-Up – 5 min

  1. Light jog
  2. Sun dials
  3. Trunk twists
  4. Wind mills
  5. Monkey humpers

 The Thang

Round 1

-Jog to my car trunk to select a wood log (logs are varies sizes and weights)

  1. Log jog 1/16 mile to log squats 20 reps
  2. Log jog 1/16 mile to pull-ups to failure/ pax does plank until all are maxed out
  3. Log jog 1/16 mile to log merchins
  4. Log jog 1/16 mile to log crunches
  5. Log jog 1/16 mile to log crunches
  6. Log jog 1/16 mile to log overhead presses
  7. Log jog 1/16 mile to log dips
  8. Log jog 1/16 mile to log curls

-Pax jogs rest of the way to drop off log

Round 2

-Pax indian runs 1/2 mile up hill to next obstacles called the bucket carry (bucket filled with stone weighing around 60 lbs. each)

  1. Pax walk with buckets about 1/8 mile course up and down a hill
  2. Partners (using two buckets)
    1. One partner does merchins up to 60 reps while other partner carries two buckets down a hill and back.  Partners keep switching until all reps are completed.
    2. Same series but with squats this time

Round 3

-Pax jogs over to spear throw.  Each member takes turns throwing a spear about 15-20 yards away.  Each pax member calls out an exercise before he throws the spear at the target.  If the spear stick in 5-10 reps, hits it but no stick 10-15 reps, or misses the target completely 15-20 reps.

Round 4

-Pax jogs back to circle flag for about 1/2 mile.  The pax during this run would run to predetermined points along the way back and circle back for the six.

Announcements and Circle of trust/Ball of man


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