Post Spartan Spar

With many of the PAX still licking their wounds from Sunday’s spartan, a thorough beat down was the best way to work the lactic acid from their muscles.


mosey, arm circles, monkey humpers, squats, lunges, high knees, butts kicks, side shuffle, and wind sprint back

The Thang: hold plank for a series of exercises: plank, plank jacks, peter parkers, mountain climbers, shoulder taps, merkins to failure

Rinse, over to baseballfield for partner work: incline merkins, step ups, plank/jog, bear crawl/crab walk, dry docks, burpees and out and back

Side straddle hops, mosey, balls to wall, squats, bonnie blairs, motivators and mary.

Anouncements: prayers for Mr. Brady, Open House, Xman, praises for wedding and vacations

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