Nascar Pitstop Pinochle

A balmy 54 degree morning makes for a sticky track. In honor of NASCAR there were laps to be run and pit stops for “refreshment.” Cooter was there for mechanical support. Neon provided the lighting. Sensei provided the mood. Uptown Girl had the tunes. Colombia woke us up. And Drop Box just kept dropping things, although not an Elvis this time. And Flame, as the Q was on fire.

Seriously, I consider it an honor to lead this group of HIM in training. Together we will become men that truly lead in honorable ways with love from our hearts. Always remember that as a man you are third, behind your creator, and your community. Hence, the F3 term I am third (IM3).

We Moseyed 1 ½ laps to the memorial and …
SSH 20 IC – Arm Circles 20 IC – Stinky feet 20 IC – Frank and Beans 20 IC
Then we took a mosey to the pavilion for …

Pit Stop Pinochle
Each round

Merkins, Squats, Burpees, Dips, Lunges
Each exercise is completed IC
after drawing a card from a Pinochle deck to determine reps.
Ace is worth 20 reps.
Round 1 – 1 lap around the park, round 2 – 2 laps, round 3 – 3 laps
Plank for the Six

Mary – Holding military sit-ups

COT Count_O_Rama – Name-O-Rama
Announcements: Saturday workout Q = Neon AO = Quarry Park. Time = 7-8 am

2 thoughts on “Nascar Pitstop Pinochle

    1. Isn’t that the story of manhood. Unless we have a brother or mentor showing us how capable we truly are we tend to lean towards the easy road. While that may be temporarily easier, it is more damaging to ourselves. Take the hard road alongside a brother and build grit together. The winning strategy.

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