Warm-Up – 5 min

  1. Light jog
  2. Sun dials
  3. Trunk twists
  4. Wind mills
  5. Monkey humpers

The Thang

Round 1 (Individual) – 15 min

-Jog to my car trunk to select a wood log (logs are varies sizes and weights)

(c- cadence reps 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2, etc.)


  • Log merkins                20c
  • Log squats                   20c
  • Pull-ups/6 inches         10
  • Log 8’s                        8c
  • Log dips                      20c
  • Log crunches               20c
  • Log burpees                15c
  • Log jog 1/4 mile (log plank for six)

Round 2 (Individual) – 15 min

-Jog to my car trunk to select a wood log (opportunity to change size of log or keep the same)


  • Log merkin up/downs 20c
  • Log one leg squat        10c per leg
  • Pull-ups/flutter kicks   10
  • Log overhead press     20c
  • Log hammer curls       20c
  • Log russian twists       15c
  • Log gliders                  20c
  • Log jog 1/4 mile (leg lifts for six)


Round 3 (Partner Challenge) – 20 min

Select a new log and jog to baseball field.  Partner runs bases while other does as many of selected exercise as possible.  Team goes until they get to the combined total.

  1. Log merkins                     100   (log plank for six)
  2. Log lunges                       100   (log crunches for six)
  3. Log crunches                    100   (side straddle hops for six)
  4. Log deadlift and press       40-50 (side straddle hops for six)

Round 4 (Burn-Out) – 3-5 min

Each member of Pax counts to a certain number while group holds position.  Goal is approximately 1min. per exercise.

  1. Log merchin 1/2 hold for added challenge raise one leg
  2. Log hold in front in 1/2 squat position
  3. Log crunch hold position with/without legs extended

2 thoughts on “Log-A-Rama

  1. Nice Job Sensei. I always find it easier to take the log out of my brothers eye than my own. My biceps are feeling it today. I give special mention to Cooter for a transformation workout. He brought the wood around those same bases like no one else.

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