Foundation: IMPACT F3 Workout

Foundation: IMPACT  F3 Workout                Feb. 18, 2017   0600 Wild Cherry Park

Welcome to F3.  Circle low 5’s, Any FNGs?

Disclaimer: We are a Men Only, Free, Outdoor, Peer Led workout group.  We Exercise at our own risk (please use caution), we are not professionals, We Modify any exercise as needed, we give our best, we do not leave anybody behind (or leave you where you were), and We End each workout with a Circle of Trust!


Warmarama (near the shovel flag)

  • Chinooks                         20 in cadence            
  • Scissor jacks                         18 in cadence
  • Goofballs 16 in cadence            
  • Sumo squats with arm curls 14 down 1, down 2 slow
  • Pendulums 12 left to right
  • Happy feet …

Mumble Chatter thought:

 Matthew 7:25   “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

How strong is our foundation?  Our impact for others is dependent on keeping our foundation on the rock.  What are the storms in our lives that hold us back, or the “Jester” that tries to undermine our foundation?    

Be as real as you are comfortable sharing. 

Discouragement, hormones, “busyness”


Mosey (jog, carioca around the basketball court)

High knees while you wait, Karate Kids for 6

  • Set 1: Forward Jump over the blocks, jog back
  • Set 2: Side jump over the blocks (switch half-way), halleluiah shuffles back
  • Set 3: 5 merkins on each block, plank walk in between, backwards run back
  • Set 4: zig zag run thru the blocks, sprint back


Mosey (around the tennis courts)

Partners: 15 reps on your own

  • Block curls (2 or 1) plank jacks      (switch)
  • Block shoulder shrugs (2 or 1) squats             (switch)
  • Block rows (1 block) burpees          (switch)
  • Block press (1 block) hillbillies         (switch)

Mosey (to the play ground)

  • Group 1: some form of pull-ups to exhaustion, Group 2: Patty-cake pushups – partner up, slap hands set your own goal, hold squat for 6
  • Circle up. side plank dominoes 1 round clockwise, 1 round counter clockwise
  • Springboards: on your 6, legs at 45, each PAX shuffles around circle and pushes legs down. Repeat with flutters.
  • Super coolers: side planks, leg up, leg to chest, leg back down = 1. 10 each side
  • Russian twists try to keep feet off ground: each PAX counts 5


Sprint to the blocks- carry a block or 2 to the shovel flag.

The blocks: cinder blocks, Hollywood blocks, Concrete Masonry Units, CMU’s.  Just like us- many different shapes and sizes.  By themselves, the blocks just take up space.  But, if the blocks are put together with the right mortar and set on a solid foundation, they form something strong that lasts for centuries.  Our challenge is to keep our foundation secure on the rock so that we can be high impact men!

Build a wall with our blocks. 


Can I get a Hoorah!

  • Counterama, namerama
  • FNG’s: Cherry Coke
  • Announcements, prayers, COT