F3 Lehigh Valley: Workout Schedule – February 2017



Date Day Time QIC AO
1 2/4 Sat 7:00 AM Uptown Girl, Neon, Flame Salem
2 2/7 Tue 5:30 am Columbia Macungie Park
3 2/11 Sat 6:30 am Neon Trexler Park
4 2/14 Tue 5:30 am Uptown Macungie Park
5 2/18 Sat 6:00 – 7:00 am Cooter Wild Cherry Park – (2nd and 3rd F Event – Bethany Men’s Breakfast)
6 2/21 Tue 5:30 am Zena Macungie Park
7 2/25 Sat 6:00 am – 7:30 Sensei Emmaus Community Park. (Longer Obstacle Course Training, come early or on time 6:30 am)
8 2/28 Tue 5:30 am Flame Macungie Park


Weather Policy:

For the safety of the PAX we have a developed a Temperature Rating to determine CANCELLATION or proposal of alternative AO where temperature rating can be met.


Temperature rating is determined by taking Actual Temperature in F degrees and subtracting wind speed.  We will do our best publish ratings for workouts and propose alternative locations ASAP so we can keep meeting, stay safe, and maintain F3 core principals.

EXAMPLE:  If 20 degrees F with 20 mph winds, Temp rating = 0, means we workout out at scheduled AO.  If 19 degrees F with 20 mph winds, Temp rating = – 1, cancellation or alternative AO set.


2nd F – Event:  Coffeeteria immediately after Saturday workouts.  QIC will confirm and set location.

3rd F – Event:  Friday Morning, Promise Keepers @6am (ask Uptown Girl)