Can’t Feel Our Legs in Fleetwood

530 sharp we had 9 of Fleetwood’s finest gathered near a virgin shovel flag ready for a beatdown of epic porportions.  Disclosure issued and we have one more coming in hot for a total of 10.  (2 lawyers in tow today with the addition of FNG (Mcbeal) and Tree Hugger took a moment to advise me that the statement in my disclosure that “you can’t sue F3 is not sound law because technically anyone can sue anyone, they just might not be successful.”..Point Taken

Stuck near shovel flag in case we had any stragglers wandering in, circled up for


SSH x20 IC, Monkee Humpers x20 IC, Body Builders x10 IC, Grass Pickers x5 IC, Goofballs x20 IC

Mosey to Pavilion near BB court for

Chest Warmuparama

Grab a bench, SSH wait for 6

Derkins x15 IC, Incline Merkins x15 IC, Dips x15 IC…mumble chatter beginning..YHC

called for brief break to stretch out screaming chest regions…break over and mosey to lower ballfield outfield for The Thang

Part 1:  Catch me if you can

Partner up, P1  does 5 burpees while P2 takes off in bear crawl.  P1 catches P2 after burpees.  Flapjack and continue same format until Q calls for switcheroo…

Now P1 does 10 merkins while P2 runs off backwards continuing CMIYC format until Q calls time for mercy after 7 mins.  PAX looks pretty tired at this point.  Mosey to upper field for Thang Part Deuce.

Part 2:  Lieutenant Dan Plays baseball

Keep same partners…P1 Leiutenant dans around basepath (3 lunges, 1 squat) while P2 American Hammers behind home plate.  Once P1 reaches home flapjack….complete after both P1 and P2 have circled bases once. Legs thoroughly numb…  Everyone grab a bleacher for step ups.

20 step ups OYO…

Going to make our way back to shovel flag with a couple stops along the way…Take off in light jog down track and stop for Starburst burpees at Pine Tree.  10 Starburst burpees and take off.  Stop at bathroom building for Mike Tysons.  10 Mike Tysons OYO and now take off to Shovel Flag AYG and plank at shovel flag until 6 arrives.




Happy anniversary to Tree Hugger and his M

announcing extra Pond workout for Wednesdays, same time and place.

Bogey Out