Bville Burner

‘Twas a cold and blustery day in the hamlet of Breinigsville. Eight of the hardiest PAX posted to the Saturday morning gloom yearning for a case of whoop ash to be poured out by the Q. For almost 60 minutes the PAX frolicked on the tundra, and the fun culminated in a COT as Hollywood-esque snowflakes danced down from the skies.


  • Jog from lot to baseball field
  • LA BBQ lunges; low and slow. High knees, butt kickers, plank jacks
  • Ball field run x 2. Run forward to first, shuffle right to second base, shuffle left to third and run backwards home.


  • Dugout drudgery. Pair up w/ a guy doing 20 jump squats onto bench, other guy doing mountain climbers until finished. Switch and repeat with one-leg jump squats / dry docks, more jump squats / merkins, dips / deep squats.
  • Rinse, then sprint, and re-rinse to basketball court
  • 20 Mike Tysons, crab cakes, squats and imperial walkers
  • Mosey to other parking lot
  • Partner up again. 100 cumulative Carolina dry docks, 150 cumulative LBCs and other guy sprints up and back.
  • Circle up for 20 spiderman push ups
  • Mosey to jungle gym for 20 pull ups
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tues AM workout, Bucket Truck to be hitched, various prayer requests