Tuesday at the swamp.

Warm up. Mosey around the Circle then Bear crawled a quarter, crab walked to the half, Crawl-Beared to 3quarter and high knees to the end. SS HOPS, ABE VAGOTAS, Moracan Sun gods, Grass Pickers, Murkins and Imperial Walkers in Cadence. ” The Thang “ Dealers choice ( each pax took turns running around the Circle … Continue reading Tuesday at the swamp.

Bringing out the toys

Side straddle hops Little arm circles to big circles Abe Bagodas Monkey humpers Merkins Carolina dry docks Stretch legs Stretch hips Stretch  chest Run to bball court Crab cakes Burpees Merkins 2 person wheel barrel Dips on bench Run/walk up bridge st then to pavilion legs raises on bench derkins merkins irkins plank with leg out … Continue reading Bringing out the toys

punt, pass, and kick

Frosty morning Co-Q with Cougar at the Bee Hive. Cougar started us with f3 principles, WOR and mosey to pavilion with tables for - Each Pax picked an exercise for 2 rounds – exercises included pullups, dips, various abs, squats, star jacks Mosey over to pavilion with the stage for exercises IC- 10 drydocks IC, … Continue reading punt, pass, and kick

Groundhogs Day

What sounds better at 0530 in the morning? Bill Murray doing the Dab or  1.5 mile run, 100 Burpees, 40 push-ups, 40 Squats, and 40 sit-ups.  Regardless this workout will leave you feeling like it's Groundhogs Day. Disclaimer - non professionals, rotational leading, modify as needed, agree say Aye Warmarama - some important stretches followed … Continue reading Groundhogs Day

Reeves Park Merkin Mile and Other FUN things

Conditions: 51 degrees and WINDY 3 PAX gathered in the WINDY gloom to see what other cards Lowes had up his sleeve for them after last Thursdays grueling DECK OF DEATH! Warmarama: SSH x 15 Windmills x 10 Weed pickers x 10 The Thang: What better way to start the Thursday morning pain than with … Continue reading Reeves Park Merkin Mile and Other FUN things

Overtime Smoked the Q

It was a beautiful morning for a work out.  Uptown girl I had a few words for all of us before the workout began.  “10 Burpees for every Pax for every man that is late. Warm up Side straddle hops Grass pickers Abe  Vigodas Mercans Shoulder Taps Mayweathers Mountain Climbers The Thang Bear Crawl up … Continue reading Overtime Smoked the Q

It’s the Playoffs, Baby!

10/12: Disclaimer verbally accepted by all. Warm-up: OYO - Casey Kasems and toe touches, neck rolls and trunk rolls, huggy bears and shruggy bears.  IC - night clubs, OHC's, imperial walkers, toys soldiers, reverse lunge, side lunge, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, goof balls, and mountain climbers.  OYO - calf stretch.  Mosey to baseball diamond. Running: … Continue reading It’s the Playoffs, Baby!

The Crawl Relays

Nice morning to workout today.  Temperature was in the mid-50s, no wind and nice and dry after quite a few days of some rain.  The workout today was inspired from our brothers at F3 Houston.  Thanks gents! Disclaimer was given as I rolled up a few minutes late. Warm-Up: SSH x 12, IC Moroccan Sun … Continue reading The Crawl Relays

Zena’s back in town

Zena is back in town Disclaimer —all men agreed on the beat down Warmup Mosey to BBall Court for some good ol’ fashion Bobby Hurleys, planks, burbees, and some other fun introductory exercises for the Pax Workout -Right over to the Jungle of Gym for Merkins, Pull-ups, and Squats - group format - 2 rounds. … Continue reading Zena’s back in town


Stretch Arm circles, neck stretch, Huggie bears, touch your toes, run in place, Warm Up Skip to my Lou across the parking lot, Abe Vigodas, Monkey Humpers, Side straddle hops. The Thang Mosey to pavillion. Alternating leg raises in pull up position, Mosey to swings in playground. Derkins with legs raised in swingseat, plank jacks, … Continue reading STUMP!

Spoke and Hub

A cool but sunny Saturday morning with Temps. around 40 degrees didn't 9 PAXs for the Spoke and Hub workout at the Nigh School field. Moseyed on over to the Drug Store Parking off of 5th street for some warm up exercises: Arm circles, Abe Vagodas, Side Straddle Hops. Then moseyed past Tuck's house to … Continue reading Spoke and Hub

Einer Hunndert

Einer Hunndert This workout was created in an attempt to build on our increase IronPax fitness level. That is hard to match without the coupons. Moseyed to the park for Warm-A-Rama then moseyed to the parking lot for The THANG 50 reps of prescribed exercise at point A run 100 yards to point B 50 … Continue reading Einer Hunndert

80% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain

10/3 Backblast Conditions: a misty and gloomy 58 degrees. No actual rain drops were recorded during the workout 6 Pax (including a visiting Crab Legs from F3 Naperville) joined for a dark and wet beat down Disclaimer Warmup/Thang 1 Warmup consisted of a mile mosey (2 laps around the park) with 8 stops at the … Continue reading 80% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain

No picnic at the Trojan pavilion this morning.

Disclaimer given, Warmarama including,SSH,grass pickers, Abe vigodas, neck rolls, trunk rolls, merkins, Peter Parkers, world's greatest stretch.                                         Quick 4 lap mosey around inside perimeter of pavilion.                      … Continue reading No picnic at the Trojan pavilion this morning.