Bleacher Expansion

YHC pulled up this morning’s new AO (Cedar Beach Park, Allentown – PA) to find Cooter meditating.  Within minutes a clown car showed up with 3 FNG’s.  A special viewing of f3 TV’s – “How To Count Video” inspired many of the early PAX.   YHC committed to doing a better job of leading counts as it has many scientific benefits like helping you breathe, follow instructions, and listen.   Disclosure was given and mention that Boo Boo is our newest Proud Pappa.  He not only returned to his 2nd workout, he also brought 3 FNG’s.  This is a major celebration and deserves photo commemoration after the workout.  Mosey to basketball court.

Warmarama: Sun Gods, SSH, Burbees, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, and Hillbillies.  Mosey to find some curbs.

The Thang:    Part 1 –  Bleacher Crawl:

Ascending Merkins 1 to 13

Normally, you find a street with no traffic for Curb Crawl.  Being the creative PAX we are, it was decided to pick up and turn two sets of bleachers about a roads distance apart.  Starting with feet on Bleacher do 1 merkin, followed by forward bear crawl to other bleacher.  Put Hands on Bleacher then do 2 merkins. Bear Crawl backwards put feet on bleacher do 3 merkins.  Keep going until you get to 13 merkins. Short recovery, explain the next exercise.

Bleacher Crawl:  Descending Dips 13 to 1

Starting with hands on Bleacher do 13 dips, followed by forward crab walk to other bleacher.  Put feet up on Bleacher then do 12 dips. Crab walk backwards put feet on bleacher do 11 dips.  Keep going until you get to 1 dip.

Part 2 – Bataan Death March

Form two lines of guys, about 6 guys in each line.  (Rock Star had had to fall off due to some gig he had)  Start marching to Yocco’s Hot Dog Stand (1/4 mile away).  Last guy in each line does 5 burpees; while rest of line Marches ahead.  After burbees completed, he picks up Bataan and sprints to first guy in line.  Hands Bataan off, get’s in back of line, and first guy starts his 5 Burpees, while the rest of the line continues to march.

Once reach Yocco’s, recovery by explaining this took way to long to get here.  Now we are going to improve this by doing Indian Run back to start; while last guy continues to do 5 Burpees and then sprints to hand off bataan to first guy in line.

Part 3  – Circle of Pain Pull Ups

Pax gathers circle around pull-up equipment.  One Pax goes to pull-up bar; while the rest of Pax does a 10 count IC of their favorite exercise.  Pax on pull-up bar does AMRAP of either Mexican Jumping Bear Pull Up or regular pull-ups.   Mosey to shovel flag for Mary.

Homer to Marge to Mr. Burns (also submitted as Homer-to-Marge Merry Relay) – Slow 4 count Homer to Marge, Homer to Mr. Burns

Counterama – 11, but 12 with Rockstar in our hearts

Namerama –  3 FNG’s – See Video to meet Bucket Truck, Superfly, and Zebra.

Announcements – Coffeteria @ Ham Fam, Macungie workout on Tues, and severing at rescue mission on  Tuesday 12/13.

Circle of Trust  – praise God for a beautiful day and 11 other men who came to make us all better today.

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