A Walk In The Park

YHC returned to Charlie Frias Park, Las Vegas NV at 5:28 am for my second attempt at an F3 Workout.  Unfortunately, the two guys I had EH’d were not ready to cross over into the light of the gloom and Tuesday’s FNG (Open Season) had 7:00 PT with the Fire Department.  To my surprise there  was a long haired brother running the hill who recognized me from Tuesday.  So I disclosed myself, said a prayer, and mosey’d down the hill to deliver an EH.

I met a young guy (under 30) named Nick Proetta (SP?) who lives in Las Vegas.  Nick and I had a nice conversation as we walked around the 1 kilometer track.  I told him the F3 story and he expressed interest in learning more and doing a workout some time in the future because he was just finishing up his workout.  Nick gave up his gym membership and really enjoys the park early in the morning.  We talked about life and all the wonderful workout opportunities that exist in this park.  (3 sets of stairs, grass hills, rock hills, dunes, benches, boulders to pick-up, 10 lined football fields, paved running track, and lights).  Nick is originally from Wyoming went to school out there and moved to Las Vegas about a year ago for a change of scenery.  He has some family in Las Vegas as well.  Right now he is in transition between jobs because SEARS is closing so many stores.  He has is application in with Hertz to be store manager.  I could tell his passion is for art and graphic design as that what he studied in school.  Not to mention he is one heck of a conversationalist. If I wasn’t committed to getting to the workout, we might have talked for another 20 minutes.

I was determined to get to this workout so I could bring some new things back to Lehigh Valley Pax.

Warmarama – Sungods, Goofballs, Air Squared, Merkins, Dolly, Flutter, WWII, Abe Vogoda, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers, SSH;

The Thang

Part 1:  Old Duke Of Earl — Five Rounds

  1. Bear Crawl Up grass hill (this hill was 45 degrees >25 yards)
  2. Five Burpees at the Top.  (After each Burpee turn 90 degrees to make in more challenging)
  3. Jog down hill. (Bear Crawl down not possible, you will land on your face or end up rolling down)
  4. 10 Merkins at the Bottom of Hill

Part 2:  Stairway to Heaven

Found a stairway that had a landing every 8 steps, for 5 landings.  You run a suicide up the first 8 steps to the landing, after each  up and back you go to the next landing.  At each landing you do an exercise of choice increasing the reps as you climb the stairway.  As you come down the stairway each time, you also hit the exercise on that lading.

  1. Landing #1 – Derkins x 5  (total 45)
  2. Landing #2 – SSH x 10 (total 70)
  3. Landing #3 – Dips x 15 (total 75)
  4. Landing #4 – Squats x 20 (60)
  5. Landing # 5 – Flutter x 25 (IC) – add a final set at bottom (25 IC)

Part 3:  Black Jack

It wouldn’t be right to be in Las Vegas and not play black jack.  So I marked out 10 yards between fields.  Started with 1 – Burpee, Bear crawl front to sideline, 20 LBC’s,  Left side Bear Crawl back to line for 2 Burpees.  Right side Bear Crawl back to line for 19 LBC’s.  Backwards Bear Crawl to line for 3 Burpees.  I made it all they way to 5 Burpees before I encountered a FROG.

Froggy (DeAndre Jackson) to be exact crossed my path.  He happened to be doing some community service in the Park picking up trash.  He said to me I used to do that exercise when I was locked up.  What do you call it?  (Burpee – aka Prison Cells)  We got to talking and I told him all about life and F3.  Froggy got his nick name because he has a real deep froggy voice.  He has been froggy his whole life, now people call him Froggy Doggy.  Froggy is 30 years old and has a 4 year old.  He lives about a mile from the park.  He weighs about 145 lbs soaking wet and plans on bulking up to 195 lbs, but doesn’t want to got the gym.   Apparently, his Dad was a real meat head personal trainer and that leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth about the gym.  He is trying to stay clean from the weed while on probation, but getting advice from his buddies that taking creatine to clean out the system might be a good idea.  I couldn’t advise him on the effects of a creatine detox.

Counterama: 1 

COT – Froggy wanted to know when I would be back, I told him I come every year and was leaving town tomorrow.  He said it figured because every time he meets a good person they seem to be leaving  town.  As left the Park, Froggy told me to have a blessed day.  I stopped and went back to Froggy, thanked him and asked him if we he knew Jesus Christ.  He told me his was baptized, but he said, “you know how that goes”.  Froggy believes God is good Karma.  I encouraged him to keep loving his brothers. May God send his blessing all the brothers I met in Charles Frias Park this week.  Make their paths straight and give them a community that is building male leaders.