Trojan back blast.

Date: 7/27/17

Q..Drop Box

Warm up.

1. Mosey

2. 20 Side straddle hops in cadence

3. 20 Abe Vagotas in cadence

4. Arm circles

5. Hugging bears

6. 20 Merkins in cadence

7. 20 Mountain climbers in cadence

8. 20 Big Boy sit ups OYO

The Thang

50 yard sprint 10 Burpees, ssh for the six. 50 yards back ,5 Burpees ,SSH for the six.

Mosey to the basketball court for Ascending Curb Crawl.

Bear crawl to each side of the basketball courts starting with one merkin continuing a bear crawl to each side while increasing the murkins until we reached 13 merkins.

Mosey through the trail back to the parking lot for a 2+2 workout.

we partnered up, one pax jumped rope while his teammate performed Burpees for 2 minutes. Pancaked then repeated with jumping rope switching the workout to merkins

performed three  sets of abs and finished with countarama, introducing 2 new FNGs for a total of 10 at the Trojan.

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