Uptown Beatdown

It was a beautiful 60 degrees in Macungie. The packs was nervous because YHC was taking so long to unload the car with all the coupons. (55lb bucket, two cinder blocks, 20lb weight vest, 55lb dumbbells)

DISCLAIMER – not a professional, modify suggestions to your Fitness level, you assume all risks.  State “aye” if you accept.


Mosey to the flag for SSH, Orange Pickers, Abe Vogata, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Prom Dates, Pickle Pushers, Crab Cakes


Everyone partner up.

1.  P1 – Bucket carry up stairs P2 20 Burpees as fast as possible.

2.  P1 Dead Hang P2 25 shoulder taps IC.

3.  P1 step ups  P2 Dips

4.  P1 COUPON slalom P2 bear crawl across in field.

5.  P1 COUPON carry across in field, P2 run suicides and pick up cones.



NORAMA = Justin Daniel’s from team RWB joined us after a few months of EHING from Flame and Quadzilla.




Number of FNGs: 1