Tuesday 9/17/19

Warm-up was arm circles, Huggy bears, ghetto standing lower back stretch, and some grass Pickers, and we did a plank position calf stretch followed by some are burgers, plank Jack’s followed by a mosey

The Thang…. started off with some harder polls Max then help with five more then around of 10 rose on the swings in Cadence then another Maxon pull-ups with help with five more after, then six rows in Cadence and then a short Mosey, then we did four rounds of progressive Sprint with the partners staying back to do rounds of burpees, squats, flutter kicks, flying squirrels, Perkins, and a few others I can’t remember, then a short Posey and we did a round of 10 In Cadence round of 20 dips and Cadence, and around of 15 irkins and Cadence animoji back to the shovel flag

Round of Mary guy picks and exercise, then prayers and praises and circle of trust


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