TnT, Tabata n Trojan,a dynamite way to start your day.

A warm,Misty morning about to become a hot,sweaty beatdown.          Warmarama,Sungods, neckrolls,arm circles, trunk rolls, Abe vigodas,grass pickers, imperial Walkers,merkins,side straddle hops.    The Thang… Tabata…Eight cycles curls with coupons,eight cycles bear crawl,eight cycles squats with coupons,eight cycles crab walk.Slow mosey around circle Back to Tabata,eight cycles merkins…brutal,run up the “hill” to finish with flutter kicks in cadence.Snake run back to start,one round dealers choice Mary.We finished with cot and prayed for  Beaker’s friends who tragically lost their daughter.We prayed for Pocohantis’ daughters’ wedding celebration and Mr. Brady’s father’s health.I feel incredibly blessed to spend this time with all these guys who are so supportive of each other.Had a minute to talk to Sunshine before leaving,who assured me beatdown was sufficient.He also is very happy to have found this group for the fellowship and fitness.Today was a privilege to Q thx guys.

Number of FNGs: Zero