Somebody Stole Rack Weights from the Gym

Warm ups
Arm circles, Huggie bears, shoulder stretch, behind the back shoulder stretch, touch your toes
Jog in place, side straddle hops
The Thang
Everyone picks up a universal machine weight.
Mosey to basketball court w weight and basketball.
One guy has to shoot hoops on both ends of the court while the other guys do exercise with weights.
squats w press
plank replace weight
lunges w press
plank shoulder raise
squats w lateral raise
standing crunches with weight
Mosey to playground. Split up in groups of 3
3 guys do Pull ups on swings
3 guys do dips
3 guys do Pull ups
We did two rounds
Mosey back to pavilion.
Peoples chair while holding the weights.
Six minutes of Mary. We were able to use the weights with American Hammers, WWI’s,