Friday May 3 at 5:30AM

A true case of ‘showing up is half the battle’. 3 amigos Friday morning, DS and LH recovering from Sunday’s 1/2 marathon and YHC on the mend from bruised ribs and not having Q’d for a month. But we brought what we had any how and CTHT. With disclaimer agreed upon by all, we got to it.

Conditions: 50 degrees and clear, very little wind

Warmorama – (OYO) Casey Kasums, Modified Neck Roll, Trunk Roll, Abe Vigoda, (IC) Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers

Mosey – around the church

Abs Over Easy – Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries, Leg Lift, Crazy Cockroach

Short Shuttle (50 ft) – Alligator Merkins, Bear Crawl, Crab Crawl

Merkin Shuttle (150ft) – beginning with 12 Merkins, sprint to the far side for 11 merkins, sprint back for 10… and so forth

People’s Chair – some post-Marathon mumble chatter for a couple minutes

Mary – (Dealer’s choice) WWI’s, Windshield Wipers, Sciatica Stretch, etc