NEW AO: The Ranch

Monday – August 26th, 2019 – Pre-Launch Workout for F3 Catasaqua to be referred to now as “The Ranch”

It was a beautiful gloom!  Leaving Macungie at 0504 to arrive at the Ranch at 0527.  It was perfect temperature and still dark.  YHC wanted to start building momentum for the official launch of this workout and get familiar with the AO to lead the first workout.  No real plan for this workout other than see what this park has to offer in terms of obstacles and opportunities to accelerate fitness of the PAX.

The first thing you will notice when you arrive at the Ranch is you feel like you are entering a Bowl or arena of sorts.  The parking lot is on the low ground next to a huge swimming pool.  Next to to swimming pool you will see an amphitheater that is nestled into a 3 level hill on a 45 to 75 degree grade at parts that climbs for 50 to 75 yards.

As you traverse the park you will also encounter playground equipment that actually plays music, basketball courts, swings, playground equipment, volleyball courts, pavilions, and skate park.  I imagine if you ran the outer edge of the park you would travel over 1.5 miles.

Warmarama @ Amphitheater

SSH, Grass Pickers, Pickers Grass, Abe Vogodas, Leg Swings, Squats

The Thang – Each Part done in cumulative total of 44 reps! 

Station 1: (Playground)   11 Dips + 11 Urkins, + 11 Lunges, + 11 In & Out Abs

Station 2:  (Swings) 11 Underdogs, + 11 Merkin Leg Swings + 11 Right Leg Lunge + 11 Left Leg Lunge

Station 3 (Basketball Court) 11 Burpees (Bear Crawl to short side) + 11 Crab Cakes (High Knee longside) + 11 Carolina  Dry Docks (Crawl Bear shortside) + 11 Imperial Walkers (Lunge Walks Long side)

Station 4 (Small Pavilion Short Hill) – 1 Merkin Bottom of Hill + Run Up + 10 Burpees, 1 Bonnie Blair + 10 LBCs, + 1 Carolina Dry Doc + 10 Squats,  1  Ranger Merkin + 10 Mountain Climbers

Station 5 (The Big Hill)  – It was attempted to run up the hill 11 times and walk back down.  3 or 4 trips made before exhaustion.


LBCs, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Crunch Frogs x 11 reps each.

CoT – praying for all the students and teachers returning to school and all the HIM that will become apart of F3 Catty and the Ranch.

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