Four “gentlemen” (and I use the term loosely) showed up for a Merry-go-round workout this morning at the Blast Furnace.

Moseyed round to the Amphitheater

Followed by Leg Stretches with/Side Scuffle

Light warm-up with Arm Circles, Toy Soldiers and Grass Pickers


10 Merkens; 20 Bench Squats; 30 LBCs; 40 Step ups

Then run around statue

40 Merkens;10 Bench Squats; 20 LBCs; 30 Step ups

Then run around statue.

30 Merkens; 40 Bench Squats; 10 LBCs; 20 Step ups

Then run around statue…

20 Merkens; 30 Bench Squats; 40 LBCs; 10 Step ups

Cool down with …..

10 Butt to Wall Walkouts with Merkens

20 Elbow to Knee Crunches

30 Rope pulls

COT – no FNGs


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