Let’s do this!!!!

Warm up.

SS Hops, grass pickers, Abe Vagotas, Murkins, Mountain Climbers in Cadence .

Moseyed around the hill and back to the Main Street, down the main hill and up the hill to the Catasaqua middle school football field.

The “ Thang “


Walked across the street to do 25 Monkey humpers in Cadence then ran back down the hill into the Catasaqua park playground to do 10 pull-ups on the swing.

Moseyed to the basketball court, partnered up for wheel barrels. We wheel barreled across the length of the court, did ten pushups at the end then crossed to the second basketball court, wheel barreled over the next court, flapjacked. ( the extra guy lunged both courts)

repeated going across both courts piggy backing our partner and doing ten squats in between both courts.

moseyed to the gazebo and did ten Carolina dry docks in cadence, followed by dips on the benches

moseyed to the big pavilion on the other side of the pool.. 5 Burpees OYO, 10 dancing Murkins in Cadence, Dips for the count of 10 by each pax Luigi mixed in some planks and alternating plank arm/ leg lifts.

hopped up the stairs to the parking lot for  three rounds of sprinting and exercise ( one pax sprinted across the parking lot and the other did an assigned exercise.

returned to the shovel flag for some Mary

Countarama, NameOrama. Finished with a Circle of trust and prayer.

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