IronPax Challenge Week 0 F3 Valley Forge

F3 Valley Forge @ The Blast Furnace
Saturday 08/31/2019
Conditions : 64 degrees, nice and cool and dry.

IronPax Challenge Week 0
Q :

Despite this being a “challenge week,” 2 HIM arrived at 5:30a for a 5 mile preworkout run.  YHC wasn’t sure if they were insane, or just gluttons for punishment.  Turns out they were STILL the fastest two of our group, which makes me wonder how much faster they would have been without that 5 mile warmup??

Then at 6:30, the real fun began.

13 PAX arrived for the Week 0 IronPAX Challenge!  A Disclaimer was given and accepted, and a mosey commenced, approximately 1 mile to the Phoenixville High School track.

On the track, Boyant explained the workout :
6 rounds each of :
– (24) Squats
– (24) Merkins
– (24) Walking Lunges (each side, so 48 total)
– 400m lap (6 laps = 1.5 miles)

What seemed simple on paper then turned into a sweatfest, as we all worked hard, and got better, trying to push ourselves.

Timed Results :

Boyant 21:50
Hops 22:01
DialUp 23:24
Flipper 23:24
Retail 24:46
Lowe’s 26:00
DoubleDare 26:47
Trigger 27:00
Pebbles 27:30
Sassy 29:48
Spike 31:42
Burgundy 32:58
NotThis 34:17

Mosey back to the shovel flag (~1 mile) for a few minutes of Mary :
– Flutter kicks (15 IC)
– Matrix maneuver (10 IC – on back, guns to either side)

Number-ama : 13 PAX
Name-o-rama : 2 FNGs!
Welcome FNGs DoubleDare and Sassy!

Closed in prayer for safety on this holiday weekend.

Looks like 5 or 6 of us are planning on heading to Allentown on Monday for their 3rd year Manniversary!  Should be good weather!

Number of FNGs: 2

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