Hard Easy


Five PAX posted to the Grill but failed miserably at their assignment of coming prepared with a portion of the workout to Q.  They simply stated they new YHC would be prepared…yeah, YHC is an enabler…gotta work on that.

So, off we went on a mosey down the street and YHC was reminded that the disclaimer was not given (at least they are picking up on the necessary structure of the workout).

Warm-a-rama: SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Side Squats, Angle Grinders, Mountain Climbers, head back to shovel flag via Butt Kickers, High Knees, Side Shuffle.

The Thang:

Belching — lay flat on grass, then sprint ~ 20 yards and drop; 10 Peter Parkers/ 20 Pickle Pushers; sprint and drop; 20 Shoulder Taps/ 20 Crunchy Frogs; sprint and drop; 20 Crab Cakes/ 20 WWI Sit-up; sprint and drop; 10 Parker Peters.

Mosey to hill for a Rampage — Bear Crawl up the hill; 10 Bobby Hurleys; Bear Crawl down; 10 Squats; Repeat

During the rampage we talked about living life hard/easy vs. easy/hard — take on the hard stuff in life rather than passively avoiding it so life gets easier over time as you build resilience (as opposed to avoiding the hard stuff which eventually catches up with you and overwhelms — easy/hard).  This was from a recent F3 podcast by Agony on the way of Adam, rejecting and overcoming passivity — highly recommended.

Mr. Clean mentioned he had some coupons in his truck (2 cinder blocks and some 35-pound weights) so we thought we should take advantage of them.  Mosey to the truck to collect the coupons and then partner up — P1 did overhead Triceps extensions while P2 ran ~ 100 yards out and back; cumulative total of 100 extensions.

Ascending Curb Crawl — Bear crawl across the street, do 1 Merkin, Bear crawl back and do 2 Derkins off the railing; repeat until we reach 12 Merkins; halfway through the complaints got loud enough that we switched to a duck walk instead of a bear crawl.

Lt Dans to mid the field — 1 Squat: 2 Lunges; ladder up to 5 Squats: 10 Lunges

Next we tried a new exercise — Swirleys — Partner up; P1 holds P2’s legs up in the air while P2 does pushups (5 at 45 degrees, 5 at 60 degrees, and 5 in a full hand stand).  YHC learned what a real swirley was (yeah YHC was a bit sheltered and was neither a participant nor a victim of a swirley in high school unlike the other delinquents in the PAX).

Mosey to the band shell to wrap up

10 Newton’s Cradles, Febreeze (2 BigBoy sit-ups: 10 Air presses while holding six inches; ladder up to 8 BB sit-ups: 40 Air presses/6 inches), Dealer’s Choice for Mary: Hollow Body Rocks, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 6 inches for 15-count around by each PAX, 2o Leg Raises while holding on to the railing.

COT — Thankful for the time we enjoyed sweating it out; prayers for PAX who coach and for the influence they have in the lives of their teams; prayers for Beaker as he leads a men’s Bible study on friendship starting in a couple of weeks.