Dash of this, Dash of that.

Word of the day: MARGIN

Margin is that time left in the day after the task of the day are completed. This time is often wasted on unproductive and unimportant things that do not impact your community in a positive way. Some of these things are selfish and others are just plain stupid. The realization that you have margin is the first step. Where are you wasting time on useless things? Now that you have identified the wasted time how are you going to use it?

Each one of us can be better. Better Christians, Better Husbands, Better Fathers, Better Community Members, Better Brothers, Better Co-workers, Better Leaders. You decide how to spend your margin or it will be lost, FOREVER!

Click Here to read a great resource from F3 The Fort on margin.


While the PAX was relatively quiet in the gloom, Sensei did manage to give us a “serenade de flatulence.” This song of the morning also had a sweet aroma that woke a few neighbors and caused some barking among the dogs. The following round Sensei had his own Circle of Pain!


Mosey for a lap then to the road. 15 each:

  • Sun Gods
  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Wind Mills
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Mountain Climbers


the THANG: Charles Bronson

Start with 3 cones with first two 100 yards apart, the last another 10 yards past. At starting point

  • 50 SSH’s, sprint to 2nd point, forward bear crawl to 3rd point. Mosey to start
  • 50 hand release Merkins, sprint, right lateral bear crawl, rinse/repeat
  • 50 LBC’s, sprint, left lateral bear crawl, rinse/repeat
  • 50 burpees (Alternative: any combo of Merkins and Squats to = 50), sprint, backwards bear crawl, rinse/repeat
  • 50 Jump Squats, sprint, forward bear crawl, rinse/repeat

Wave of WWI Sit-ups
Circle up, get into plank position, first person does one WWI Sit-up, then the next person to the right does a WWI Sit-up, should look like a wave flowing around the circle, until you get back to the first person who then performs 2 WWI Sit-up, repeat all the way up to 5 and back down. Stay in plank position the entire time.


Count-O-Rama — 6

Name-O-Rama — Sensei, Cooter, Colombia, Zena Princess Warrior, Uptown Girl, Flame (Qic)


Announcements — Next workout Sat TBD, Turkey Day Beatdown (more to follow).

Circle-of-Trust — Prayer for the following:

The President Elect and the Nation to unite.

Marraiges and families.

Healing for two of Colombia’s co-workers after surgery.