Boulder Run Fail


The Hamburg PAX planned a second attempt for a boulder scramble at Blue Rocks Campground but being off the beaten trail it is definitely weather dependent.  YHC woke to the sound of rain…another postponement of the CSAUP.  Nonetheless, 5 HIM chose to down the DRP, leave the comforts of the fartsack, and posted to the campground in a steady drizzle of rain.

Mosey to the pavilion for Warm-a-rama: SSH, Abe Vigoda, Grass Pickers, Slow to Fast Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers, Motivators starting with 10 laddering down to 1.

~ 1-mile run around the campground with a photo op at the boulder field and Apollo’s decked-out campsite.

In very un-F3 fashion, we went in to the campground community room for the second half of the workout:

BLIMPS (5 Burpees/ 10 Lunges/ 15 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Merkins/ 25 Plank Jacks/ 30 Squats)

5 sets of 4X4s (4 Mountain Climbers/ 4 Merkins)

Various sets of exercises including Crab Cakes, Mike Tysons, Staggered Merkins, Donkey Kicks, Step Ups, Dips, Bonnie Blairs, Diamond Merkins, and probably some more that YHC has forgotten.

Mary: Dealer’s Choice included Flutter Kicks, WWI, LBCs, American Hammers, and 15-count around for 6 inches.

COT: We will make another attempt at the Boulder Scramble in November prior to a Men’s breakfast being held at the campground — Third time will be the charm!

Prayers for a 5-year old child of a friend of Wichita who will be having heart surgery in November.