You’ve Been Thunderstruck

8/10 Blast Furnace Back Blast   1 PAX for a shortened pre beatdown ruck.   15 (!!!) PAX, including 1 FNG for a musical beatdown led by Tuck. Conditions- A beautiful 61 degrees, with low humidity, one of the best mornings of the summer Quick disclaimer followed by a short mosey around the park to … Continue reading You’ve Been Thunderstruck

3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

Saturday July 13, 2019, Reeves Park, Phoenixville - Blast Furnace Q : Flipper Conditions : 64 and partly cloudy, lower humidity 2 PAX Posted for a morning pre-ruck 11 PAX Posted for a Flipper beatdown workout Disclaimer was given, with assistance from multiple PAX with reminders to modify as needed! Mosey around Reeves Park (0.5 … Continue reading 3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

Yr 1 Anniversary & Convergence – F3 Valley Forge

What a weekend to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of F3 VF and to honor those making the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. 8 PAX for 3.5 mile pre-ruck through P-ville followed by 32 PAX for the 90 minute suckfest with Qs by Side Effects, Boyant, Flipper, and Spike COT/history lesson.  In attendance were … Continue reading Yr 1 Anniversary & Convergence – F3 Valley Forge

Dogwood Festival Workout

Saturday May 18, 2019 Conditions :  58 degrees and partly cloudy, sun had just risen, big, red and beautiful in the sky.. Surrounded by the annual Dogwood Festival, which invades Reeves Park in Phoenixville once a year.  We had some interesting backdrops as we worked out - plenty of rides, hot dog stands, sausage carts, … Continue reading Dogwood Festival Workout

If we die, we die

Remember that time in middle school where you wanted to wear shorts yet  your mom said it was too cold? Saturday felt just like that... except we all mature-ish should now to know better better to take wind-chill into consideration. 10 PAX showed up for Saturday's beatdown at the Blast Furnace. The beat down was … Continue reading If we die, we die

Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’

PRE-RUCK 2 PAX for pre-ruck -- pace was faster than normal without Hops present to slow us down.  Overnight snow and ice didn't deter   WORKOUT 9 PAX  from arriving bright, early, and full of energy for an ice bath of sorts.  Warmup on the Reeves Park (RP) stage introduced the group to a Circle … Continue reading Coming to a court near you, ‘Basketball on Ice’

Excel more up Boyant Hill

10 PAX accepted and blew away the F3 Twin Cities Challenge by having more PAX than degrees on the thermostat.  Post-beatdown car temp was 5F.  2 PAX pre-rucked the usual Phoenixville path successfully avoiding hitting their 6 on ice. Disclaimer Warm-up at the flag/in the street Bat Wings Failed attempt at Baba O'Reilly so Imperial … Continue reading Excel more up Boyant Hill

Edwards vs Spartacus HIT

9 PAX posted in the abnormally warm and muddy conditions of the Blast Furnace for the last beatdown of the year.  YHC went with a 0.0 style workout intended to also provide fodder for your New Year Resolutions. Disclaimer Short mosey to the baseball field SSH x 25 (IC) Grass Pickers x 15 (IC) Arm … Continue reading Edwards vs Spartacus HIT

Throw Back and Throw Up on PHS Football Field

2 PAX for a pre-ruck and 10 (ish) PAX showed for an infamous Boyant Beatdown in the Blast Furnace on 12/1/18.  The temperatures were quite cold but it took no time to feel quite warm. Disclaimer Warm-up Run to PHS High School Football Field (.8 miles) Side Straddle Hops (IC) Hillbillies (IC) Daisy Pickers (IC) … Continue reading Throw Back and Throw Up on PHS Football Field

4 Corners of Pain in the Furnace

7 PAX on 11/24/2018 included : Mr. Feeney gave us a great workout by using the 4 corners of Reeves Park for "The Thang," which consisted of (at each corner) : Lap 1 : 40 pushups, 30 pushups, 20 pushups, 10 pushups Lap 2 : 40 squats, 30 squats, 20 squats, 10 squats Lap 3 … Continue reading 4 Corners of Pain in the Furnace

Route 66 Bridge to a Zen Deck

3 PAX for a pre-ruck around Phoenixville and the main event with 7 PAX for a beatdown in the snow (well more accurately surrounded by snow as YHC steered clear of burpees and crossfit merkins in the snow/mud). The Disclaimer Mosey to the VFW Abe Vigotas (IC) x 24 Sprinklers (IC) x 30 Peter Parkers … Continue reading Route 66 Bridge to a Zen Deck

The Major Conflicts Remembered

6 PAX (1 for pre-ruck) enjoyed the ever cooler weather in the still wet park, but the added sunshine from Daylight Savings was a welcome addition. Introduction to 8 Major Conflicts Disclaimer Mosey around to the baseball field Imperial Walkers A Flipper-style stretching exercise Revolutionary War - Honoring George Washington 10(+2) sets of 10 repetitions on … Continue reading The Major Conflicts Remembered

Animals and Tooth Fairies Bring the Pain

9 PAX posted in the beautiful gloom for a winter is coming warm-up beatdown with Side Effects at the helm.  5 PAX still feeling the effects of the 3.6 mile pre-ruck were shown no mercy. Mosey around the park to a well lit spot near the baseball field, avoiding the construction areas, except for CSPAN … Continue reading Animals and Tooth Fairies Bring the Pain

Phoenixville Suck Fest

YHC was humbled and honored to guest Q for the Valley Forge Pax this morning at Reeves Park (aka the Blast Furnace).  Flame and I jumped in the clowntruck at 5:15am this morning equipped with coupons, cones, and gifts.  Side Effects promoted this workout as a Q school.  I a not sure what that means; … Continue reading Phoenixville Suck Fest

Turn up the Moby and the Pain

8 PAX posted for the long-awaited split VQ from Mr Feeny and Dial-up!  Started with a CSPAN inspired last minute pre-ruck for 4 PAX and then the pain ensued. Disclaimer - Coaching by CSPAN - always include "you assume responsibility" Mosey around to the baseball field SSH x 25 (IC) Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC) Nancy … Continue reading Turn up the Moby and the Pain

Climbing the Tower in the Rain

10 PAX (well 9.5) floated in to Reeves Park for a YHC led, 9/11 Firefighter inspired beatdown. Disclaimer Mosey to the baseball field for a warm-up Plank jacks x 15 (IC) - YHC Parker Peters x 20 (IC) – Hops Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC) – Mr. Feeny Side Straddle Hops x 20 (IC) – … Continue reading Climbing the Tower in the Rain

Mogadisu Mile for Durability

9 PAX posted for the last of 4 IronPAX Challenges shared by F3 Greenwood, SC and built durability while the world slept on its fat 6. Disclaimer Mosey about 50 yards and back SSH x 20 (IC) Windmills x 16 (IC) Peter Parkers x 20 (IC) Mogadishu Mile (OYO) Explanation and commentary on modifications for … Continue reading Mogadisu Mile for Durability

Arm Relief and IronPAX Week 3

8 PAX surfaced with arms still recovering from IronPAX Challenge Week #2, but even when given the opportunity to opt-out for a running workout option, they each selected the challenge.  T-claps for choosing to do hard things and accelerate in the gloom! Disclaimer Haul gear to baseball field Mosey around the park COP SSH x … Continue reading Arm Relief and IronPAX Week 3